1) The Seeking State believes ...

…Culture is a necessity.

Today, in its exploded form, it embraces everything from opera and theatre to the art of food and shopping - to our shared values and rituals. It brings pleasure, meaning, new perspectives and wellbeing. ‘Culture saved my life’ – to paraphrase David Shields2.

2 David Shields, How Literature Saved My Life, Notting Hill Editions Ltd 2013

…In ‘cultural acupuncture'.

The contemporary pressures of society, politics and economics have created a world where we can feel out of balance; people are detached, organisations struggle and cultures are threatened with losing their heritage3. More than an abstract concept or new-age quackery, cultural acupuncture is practical and relevant: understanding everything in relationship to the wider environment, culture can help people and organisations find new energy where energy and focus has been lost.

3 “It is the worst cultural heritage emergency since World War 2” Paul Danti, Financial Times, 24th May 2015.


The Classical tradition always starts the conversation with a question4. The Seeking State is for anyone with the desire to explore a question.

Plato’s Republic 348b. The Socratic dialogues put forward that truth – could be achieved through the dialectical method.