2) The Right Questions

How do our pasts play an active role in our futures?

How do experiences change as our perspectives move from that of the stranger to feeling more ‘at home’?

How can our material cultures be reflected now?

What would be the stories that we would tell?

Does this influence the experiences and environments we create?

How can we generate revenue and retail from our material past?

Challenges like these are researched from every angle: a made-to-measure, lateral and intuitive process for clients from which new pathways emerge. Together, we navigate a journey that makes maps5 and plans for the future that can create real and lasting change.

The Seeking State works to achieve this through:

  • In-depth research studies
  • Curated experiences
  • Mapping the future - for brand, retail, and audience and experience development
5 “Maps have never been about A to B… They can be treasure troves of cultural history… that tell us about their creators’ aspirations and fears.” Richard Morrison, The Times 5th June 2015