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Creativity in Crisis.

“Brand New Thinking”, Initiative of Heritage Conservation
22nd-29th June 2015.

“Brand New Thinking” is a 5-day curated experience for MA Heritage students to explore the relationship between heritage and brand. The first outing in 2015 took place at one of the most turbulent times for Greece, with runs on banks and threats of Grexit. Against this perfect storm, the concentration, application and creativity of the students was overwhelming. Their ability to articulate in a second language, block out the external noise and focus with energy, joy and humour was life-affiriming, humbling and a seed to be protected and nurtured. Resilience, imagination, ideas and a willingness to take risks are the key impressions that we will remember. Those images need to be reinforced against a reductive stereotype of Greece.

Athens is alive, dynamic and as important as it ever was.

Building windmills, not walls…

Beyond. We should go together.

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