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Beyond. We should go together.

Stavros Niarchos Sustainability Philanthropic Conference, Athens 25th and 26th June 2015

The Stavros Niarchos Philanthropic Conference was as full as the large conference room of ambitions, dreams and connections. On reflection, two key themes seemed to emerge from the plethora of ideas.

One, around a key word of what it meant to move “beyond” – to move beyond the superficial, to push the conversation beyond, to go beyond our comfort zones, which culminated in Eduardo Kohn’s anthropological perspective of ‘beyond the human’. How can we take current structures and models and make them work harder? How can we go beyond what we thought was possible for our audiences? What is that vision that is going to push us beyond the horizon?

The second idea again which sewed its seed in Princess Laurentien’s inspirational insight gained from the power of children – dance its way through the conference - and culminate with Sylvan thinking was the ‘Power of With’ and the participatory society. The financial and emotional power of collaboration and joint responsibility is nothing new but a lesson still powerful in 2015.

New thoughts and ideas. New conversations and friendships. The testament will be in how these grow, evolve and make an impact to go beyond, together.

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