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How to bring about change?

P.S. Value Talks, Athens 22nd-23rd May 2015

Digital sustainability for museums and culture was the focus of a 2-day conference established by PostScriptum, a consultancy that helps cultural organisations use digital technologies to effect transformation. I loved the experience epitomized by generous hospitality, rich conversation and fierce debate.  The specificity of a geo-political context is heightened ever more so in Greece, but there were patterns where you could see both similarities and differences with experiences elsewhere. A recognisable academic ‘character’ that fetishizes objects in hermetically sealed boxes: protective, wary, preferring them never to see the light of day. International voices were in stark contrast to some of this Greek state rhetoric. However there were 3 prevailing questions that rose to the surface relevant to all: What are the stories that we should be telling? What is the nature of the experience that could be created?  How can we bring about change?

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