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How to lose friends and alienate people?(!)

CreativeCulture Jam, Vienna 9-10th July 

Creative Culture Jam is a “ground breaking project that explores ways for creative industries to connect with cultural heritage”. It’s about heritage and culture, business models, open data, digital culture with some living labs thrown in for good measure. The Seeking State will be on 2 platforms during the event. “Run from Fear; Fun from Rear” presents the argument that an exit through the shop is an inescapable reality for the sustainability and creativity of our heritage organisations in the future. We will also be standing up in a debate to support the case that: This house believes that the current budget cuts are beneficial for the cultural heritage sector. We are prepared for tomatoes and flack jackets. But. Learning lessons from psychodynamic, business and models of creativity – constraints are the source of creativity, resilience and power. Prune a plant and shoots always come. We’ll let you know how it goes...

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